Self Assessment

Context- Excellent

In this project, I worked on context a lot as I was learning about something totally new to me, community music. I explored four different case studies and gave definitions of the different forms of community music and music therapy.

Research- Good

As this project was a learning curve for me, I had to do a lot of research into community music, such as how listening to and playing music helps groups, and how to use GarageBand as I would be using this software in my own workshop. I could have done some research into different guitar skills for the ensemble performance unit, however.

Problem Solving- Excellent

I believe I have solved many problems throughout this project, and they are well documented in my portfolio. For example, shortening and adapting the workshop as we found out we only had an hour to deliver it, transposing keys for certain songs in our ensemble performances so it suited Lucy’s vocals more, and organising the Live Wire at Christmas stream under a week before we had to cancel it.

Planning And Production- Excellent

I had to do a lot of planning during this project, from working on how we would deliver our community workshop idea and organising a lot of the Live Wire at Christmas concert. We also had to plan things such as setlists for the ensemble performance and this is recorded on the evaluations.

Practical Skills- Excellent

During this project, I think I have learnt many new practical skills and have applied them to live performances and real-world practices, such as successfully leading a music workshop and playing the guitar in a performance for the first time. This, mixed with the Live Wire at Christmas performance, where I played both bass guitar and drums, shows this well too.

Evaluation And Reflection- Good

My evaluations of this project have been consistent throughout and stay relevant, but still manage to stay critical of my work. I think I could have done more frequent evaluations, for example with my ensemble evaluations, I didn’t evaluate every week as I didn’t have enough content to provide in the form of rehearsal or performance videos.

Presentation- Excellent

I think I have presented my work very well in this project, and it stayed similar to project one. I have used different tabs on my website to explore different sections of the project and made sure all of my work is shown clearly. The practical work, such as the workshop was presented successfully and our ensemble performance looked professional visually.

Overall Grade- Good

Overall, I think I have completed this work to mostly an excellent standard, but my research and evaluations let me down a little bit. I could have done research before we started the ensemble performance unit, and my evaluations of this could have been more regular, with more video evidence.

I confirm that the attached assessment is all my own work and does not include any work completed by anyone other than myself and sources have been appropriately referenced.