Initial Ideas

Live Performance

A good idea for the final project would be a live performance. This could be working in a band to perform cover songs, a bit like the first project, where I and my group performed cover songs for a live stream performance. I also have other experience in performing live as I have done this many times in my other band. We would have to take different roles for the performance, perhaps a promotional role, editing role and an organiser role to make sure everything gets done in time. Given the circumstance we are in because of the pandemic, we would most likely have to do a live stream performance unless things change in the coming months, so we would have to prepare for it being online. This performance could be a community event; we could support charities, and ticket sales for the event would go to that charity. We could also ask other students or bands around the local area to play at the gig to gain support and make the performance longer.

-If we look at all aspects of what goes into a live performance, this idea could take at least a month to organise everything. This takes into account forming a band, rehearsal time and creating a setlist, looking at ways to actually perform live, promoting this, and then the actual performance.

-I think a live performance would be available to us in this circumstance as we can do a live stream online instead of a physical gig in a venue. This live stream could even be in our own houses. I have editing software on my laptop so I could edit the video ready for the stream. However, we would all need good recording equipment so it sounds professional.

-Cost could be a problem for this project as like above, we would all need some good recording equipment and a decent camera to record ourselves on. Also, if we somehow are allowed to perform a venue, we would have to rent out this place. We would also need the right instruments to actually play. So if someone doesn’t have that instrument at home this could be an issue.

-If we do a livestream, location isn’t really a problem as we can film the video in our houses; we do not need to be at a venue. However, the backdrop of the video would have to look nice and professional, maybe taking into account different props in the frame and different lighting.

-For the video editing, we could collaborate with other students at the college, for example the film or media students. These could help us make a much better job at editing the performance. Obviously, I would need to work with other music students to form a band. If we were wanting to promote the performance beforehand, we could use the help of graphic designers or photographers to help create content and promotional pieces to put around online or even outside.

-Overall, the skills you would need for a live performance would be; perseverance, good group work skills, confidence, musicianship and the ability to interact and work alongside new people.

Peer Assessment-Adam Stothers

‘The first idea is a very good idea, especially with donating any of the money to charity. You have taken into account a lot of the issues that could take place with this idea, and all the people you could work with. Overall this is a very good idea where you have planned very thoroughly.’


I think songwriting would be a great choice to make for the final project as it can easily be done at home. However, I don’t know if it would be my personal favourite to do as a final project but I see this one as the most challenging for myself. I have experience in songwriting from project three, and I have a lot of ideas for songs in general but I have never expanded on these concepts. So, I think choosing this idea would be a great way to work on these song ideas and actually turn them into a song with the help of others. I would need someone to help out with other instruments if I needed them like bass and vocals, and perhaps someone else to help me write lyrics as I struggle to write them myself. I would also be touching on recording as well, as I will have to record the song(s) as proof of work and if I wanted to release them to streaming platforms.

-Depending on how many songs I choose to make, the time frame could vary. For example, I could choose to write a single and in this case, I could get this done in a couple of weeks. However, if I decide to make an EP with around three songs, This could take me to just over a month, and I won’t have much time to do anything else like promote the EP or make it sound the best it possibly can by taking time with mixing and mastering.

-In terms of cost, I don’t think this would be an issue at all for songwriting. I already have instruments like guitars and drums, and audio interface, microphones, and recording software.

-If I had time at the end to get more creative with this project, I would work with the film or media students to make a music video which would be great for promotional purposes. I would also need some form of graphic design for the song’s or EP’s cover.

-The skills I would need for this idea would be the ability to criticism, determination, confidence in my own work. I would also need to work with others if I decide to song write in a group.

Peer Assessment-Adam Stothers

‘Your second idea is again a good idea, as you have picked one that would be challenging for you. You have thought of how to overcome a lot of the issues as well as how to make it even better if you have the time. You could think about how to work with other people, such as how you will get their parts of the song and how you will put it all together.’

From this peer assessment, I know I need to mention if I plan to work with others for the songwriting or if it will be a solo project. Personally, I think doing this project by myself will be more beneficial to me as I prefer working independently and I feel like my workflow and motivation will be better. However, if I do end up working with other people for example if I needed someone for a bass part, I can work with them to produce a part that both sounds good and that they can play, and they can send it to me in a file form that suits the software I am using.

Recording and producing

This idea ties in with the songwriting one well, however, if I wanted to solely focus on recording I could work with other artists or bands in recording their work professionally and producing their tracks to turn them into an actual song. However, if I still wanted to do songwriting as well as recording, I could take the role of the producer in the group so once we have come up with a strong idea, the others can record their parts and send them to me so I can mix the song on a DAW. If the circumstances change, it would be great to work in a recording studio with a band to record and create our own songs so we can combine both the songwriting and recording ideas well. However, this is very unlikely. To focus on the producing side, I could make my own productions. Like we did in project two, I could make an electric track or EP that I produced myself, however, I would need much better software than I do now to complete this.

-The time frame depends again on how many songs I record or produce, and if I work alongside a band or produce for myself. If I am working by myself, the workflow could be better, meaning I could make something that has more content and sounds professional. If I work with a band, we would have to have good communication to ensure all the work gets done in time. This idea could take around a month overall.

-I think this isn’t the most available thing to be doing, as we wouldn’t be able to use recording studios. Instead, the band would have to send me their recordings and i would produce them on my DAW, meaning the whole project would be done online as we cant use actual record studios or even see each other in person to discuss ideas or play together.

-If I decide to work by myself on my own electronic productions, I would need a much better DAW to work on as the one I use is mostly suited for recording. I would also need a midi keyboard if I want to use synthesisers and electric drums for the work.

-Location doesn’t really matter here as we can make the songs from home. Even though it would be preferred to use a recording studio if I was working with a band, the group could send me their recordings and then I can work with those from home. Working by myself on an electronic composition can easily be done from home as well.

-I don’t think I would have to collaborate with any other fields for this idea unless I end up wanting to release my electronic composition if I decided to do that. I would then need some form of artwork for the cover and potentially some promotional material to put on social media etc.

-The skills I would need for this project is willingness to work well with others, confidence, independence and be able to take criticism about my work. Having all of these things would help me hugely for this idea as I will be either working alone or with others for most of it and taking criticism well means I can always be improving my work.

Peer Assessment-Adam Stothers

‘The third idea is good, and it is good how you have linked it to the second idea. You could decide which people you want to work with, such as who in the course or people outside of the course. You have thought of a good idea and ways to do it in person and online, and a lot of options.’

To improve upon this idea, I need to again decide whether I want to work solo or as a group, and who I would work with if I decided to produce songs for the band. I think working with Millie And The Floor Gang would be great as they are all very talented and I feel like working with them would be fun as well as motivating. They seem very established and I think they would come up with some great ideas for songs which I can then bring to life.