Log (10th October)

This week, we have worked in huge amounts to keep promoting the event the best we can to make sure we can sell enough tickets. This has paid off very well after looking at our analytics for the week and the interactions with our social media pages. I am taking my role very seriously and so is Tom, as we are dedicated to making the event the best it possibly can be. We are planning an acoustic concert, putting up the posters, making flyers, posting on social media regularly, emailing local media and news companies about our event and helping to create footage and photos with our photographer, Sam.

This Week’s Progress

Ticket Sales

This week, we have sold another 57 tickets, bringing our total up to 110; brilliant for our first two weeks of having the ticket site up. 92 of the tickets so far have been bought through our own channel, however, 18 sales have come from Eventbrite’s own channel; this is showing that our concert is getting pushed out to people simply looking for events on the site and our description has been enough to entice them into buying tickets. We are averaging about 55 tickets a week, and if we keep this up, we should be on about 160 tickets sold by the end of next week. In total, we have had 593 page views, having 120 this week only. Most of our ticket sales are coming from attendees from in and around Yorkshire, with 50 coming from Bradford 22 from Leeds, 10 from Halifax, 9 from Barnsley and many more areas. However, we are also expecting some attendees from distances like Bolton, Birmingham and places around Inner and Greater London.

Physical Promotion

Last week, we finished the official poster design for the showcase and Printed them out using high-quality paper. I and Tom then spent time going around the Lister Building putting up the posters and making sure everywhere was well placed so as many people would see them as possible. However, after putting these posters up, we were told we had to change the design. Instead of ‘Bradford College Presents’ we had to instead put ‘Bradford Schol of Art’. As I wasn’t in college for the rest of the week, one of the graphic design tutors helped me solve this problem and we hope to have the new posters out and around the building by next week. As well as this, I want to have made and printed out the flyers for next week to start handing these out around college.

UAL Instagram Takeover

This week, we were asked if we could partake in an Instagram Takeover on UAL’s Instagram account. This would mean us posting about the college and course, what we get up to in a week, and the concert in two weeks and much other exciting content. This is a brilliant way to promote both the concert and the course as a whole, and also shows UAL the things we are capable of achieving as students because we plan to be professional and informative during this Takeover. So, this week, we made a schedule of content we need to gather over the next week to make sure we cover everything and have enough to post about. This content might consist of photos of mock rehearsals, interviews, performances, facility tours, B-roll, group photos and more. This is the brief plan we came up with, but I imagine we won’t stick to this 100% as the week goes on, which is still fine as we may want to post different things on different days instead:


Similar to last week, we organised another photoshoot for the bands during their rehearsals on Wednesday. This week, we focussed on taking photos of the first year groups as we used last week’s photoshoot for the second year students. We had the two bands play their set whilst Sam took photos, and he also had the groups take both solo and band photos in a more relaxed and less musical environment; we can use these photos for band introductions and promotions on social media, for example. Next week, we want to take photos of every group, the solo acts and the sound technicians during the mock performance as these will look the most professional and will be a great way to show off the work we have been putting in for the event. Here are just a few of the photos Sam took this week:

Next Week’s targets

-Complete the UAL Instagram Takeover with success.

-Put up the new posters around The Lister Building and David Hockney Building.

-Create the final flyer design, print these out and hand them out around college.

-Do an acoustic concert in the College’s cafe to promote the event.

-Gather more content for Social Media.