Self Assessment

Context- Excellent

I think my context skills in this have been very good. I have shown a clear understanding of the history of song, the point of songwriting and how this has changed over the years. I also know the context behind PRS and copyright for musicians and this will be important if I ever go full time into the music industry.

Research- Good

I think my research this project was consistent and enough, for example analysing songs and researching home studios. It was all presented well and my vocabulary is strong in these write-ups. I could have improved my research by using different forms of media to show my work, like making my own PowerPoints. I could have also done some more research work outside of College to improve my knowledge of songwriting more.

Practical Skills- Good

I think this project was my weakest for practical work. The song uses lots of the important element of music and the sound itself is very high quality considering the circumstances we were in. I am very happy with the outcome of the song, however, I know it could have been much better if I had the time and more knowledge of producing and using software.

Evaluation And Reflection- Excellent

Again, my evaluations skills on this project are very strong, and my reflections are ongoing. I use targets every week so I can set myself tasks to do in the lessons and ask peers and tutors to peer assess my work to get ideas of where to take the song and how it can be improved. My final evaluation is very detailed and I mention the whole project as a whole and how I think it went.

Overall Grade- Good

Given the circumstances we were in and the resources I had to use (especially in the practical side), I think this project went well. I definitely could have done things better and produced more context and research work for example, but I think overall both the written and practical work is to a good standard.

I confirm that the attached assessment is all my own work and does not
include any work completed by anyone other than myself and sources have
been appropriately referenced.