Skills Audit

Strengths (Fives)

relate and compare data from different sources, identify issues and obtain relevant information 
reason and apply decision making processes and consider how to find solutions to problems
identify appropriate data sources
identify significant opportunities and be pro-active in putting forward ideas for problem solving.
recognise and understand when compromise and accommodating others is necessary
express self effectively in a group and in one to one situations
use an objective approach to relate to others in order to achieve goals
explore more than one solution in order to solve a problem
consider the ideas of others to help solve problems
demonstrate resilience and lateral thinking abilities when applied to problem solving
check written work for errors before submission
express and convey ideas appropriately and accurately in writing
maintain positive attitudes to work and understand when a task has not been completed well and identify changes for the future
understand how to gain feedback on work or performance
plan day in order to manage time more effectively
identify resources required to complete a set task
apply suitable approaches and put in extra effort if required in order to meet tight deadlines
work without supervision and use own initiative
keep track of work schedules and deadlines by applying multi-tasking abilities
able to devise own approaches to projects
establish a course of action for self and evaluate own performance
generate and recognise best practice and apply imaginative ideas to different situations
work out a preferred course of action
present complex and unusual ideas to friends and colleagues
comfortable using computers, including different applications in context
knowing where to use information and how to cite and reference
able to apply their knowledge in everyday situations
Performing accurately and in time as a group
Performing in front of a small audience
Performing in front of a large audience
Playing chords (3 notes at once)
Being able to perform in a range of styles e.g. hip-hop, Reggae, Classical
Perform at least one piece from memory
Hear when I make a mistake and correct it myself
Composing a basic, short idea like a set of chords or beat
Creating and fitting more than 3 layers together
Structuring a song
Working out a melody by ear
Using technical language to describe what music sounds like, such as dynamics and tempo
Know a range of genres and what they sound like e.g. Rock, Classical and World Music

Overall, I think these grade fives represent my skills in both everyday life such as problem-solving and in the music course like performing and writing about music. I believe these show that I am a quite independent thinker and I would prefer working in small groups or even on my own than in large groups, as then I can work more effectively and can test more of my own ideas.

Weaknesses (fours to ones)

I am confident in terms of music and performing in front of many different crowds, however when it comes to talking to a crowd I would definitely struggle, so this is something I could improve so I can deliver presentations to classes or even people I don’t know such as employers or teachers. I could improve this by working on presentation skills and talking to new people.

I need to also practice writing lyrics, as this is something I am not used to doing and everything I write never seems great in my eyes.

I could also improve my ability to work in teams as I am much more of an independent thinker, so a lot of the time I just tend to stray off and do my own thing. I could make this skill better by working more with teams and engaging more by inputting my ideas and listening to other’s ideas, even if that idea might not work out.

I could improve my general musicianship skills and keyboard skills as I can not play two-handed and I still struggle a little to read music notation. I can improve this by practising on the keyboard every day, especially playing two-handed and more difficult chords and make sure I practice reading notations.

Peer-Assessment (Adam Stothers)

It could be good for you to work with a larger group so you can get more ideas, opinions and interpretations of the work. Delivering presentations is a difficult skill, so to work on that just practice it. Same with writing lyrics, that’s just a skill that comes from practice and working with other people. Playing a new instrument is always difficult, however, learning a new instrument is really good so that could be good for you. You’ve done a good analysis.