Log (17th October)

This is the final promotion log before the concert next Wednesday, and overall, this week, we have progressed hugely, selling enough tickets to officially sell out. We have worked through lots of promotions, and even had some great opportunities to promote both Live Wire and the music course itself through an Instagram takeover and an acoustic concert in the College cafe at lunch this week. These past seven days were the most important week to promote as the concert is next week and we want to give people enough time to know about it and eventually get tickets before Wednesday.

This Week’s Progress

Ticket Sales

This week, we managed to sell 53 tickets, bringing our total ticket sales to 163. This upholds our prediction of selling around 50 tickets a week and the foresight to have sold around 160 by the end of this week altogether. All of our tickets this week have been bought through our own promotional work, other than Eventbrite’s own advertising. On the 15th, however, we decided to cap the tickets off and show them as sold out as after sorting the chair layout a few days earlier, we realised our capacity was smaller than we thought. We can sit about 140 people, but we also expect a few people to not turn up because of the tickets being free, so everyone should have a seat on the night. As of today, our Eventbrite page has had 608 views, which is a significant decrease compared to last week, but this is probably because of the ‘sold out’ announcement we made on social media. Here is an insight into where in England our attendees are coming from:

Physical Promotion

As promotion has been one of the most important things to do this week, we spent a lot of time working on this to spread the word of our concert in many different ways; through digital, physical and even word of mouth. As well as frequently posting on all of our social media sites, we have also put up the new posters around the two main buildings in college, made a flyer design to put on reception desks, classes and cafe tables around the campus so people can access the QR codes with ease once they pick one up. I kept the flyers in my back in case I ever found a spot to put some when walking around the campus, or if I noticed that flyers I put there previously had gone and I had to replace them. Here are some examples of what the posters and flyers looked like when up around college:

BCB Radio Interview

As well as physical promotion advances and posting on social media, I also took part in an interview on local radio station BCB, talking all about Live Wire and the music course here. I sent them an email earlier this week, and they got back to me quickly, asking if I’d like to partake in their ‘Bradford And Beyond’ show. This was an excellent opportunity to really sell the event to listeners and, for myself, this was great as I am not the most confident public speaker, even when its held online or recorded via telephone, so this has made me feel a lot more confident about speaking to an audience in the future if I am given a similar opportunity again! I think the interview went great; I gave out all the relevant information about Live Wire and even talked about how much I am enjoying the music course here. This is the link to the interview (skip to 4:21):

UAL Instagram Takeover

This week, I had the amazing opportunity to take over and control UAL Awarding Body’s Instagram page for the week! This meant I was to post engaging and high-quality content on their page and even use the stories feature to reach a wider audience. I started out with an introductory post, explaining who we are and what exactly we do. From then on, with the help of our media creator, Sam, who helped put together photos and videos for me to then upload, we had a very successful week taking over their Instagram. I promoted the course, Bradford School of Art and Live Wire, and also promoted a UAL ‘Spotlight Event’ that the music course here is partaking in in November. Below is a link to our story highlights page, where you can see all of the content we posted both on their feed and story through the week:

Cafe Acoustic Concert

A great way to reach other students and tutors in Bradford college was to hold our own mini acoustic concert in the cafe. We did this at lunchtime as w knew it would be busy then and played songs that would only need minimal instruments and equipment (mostly the solo songs for the concert). They went down really well, and as people were singing, I went around the tables and handed out flyers to people sitting there so they knew what this intimate concert was for. This worked amazingly as during and after this, we had quite a few Eventbrite orders come through! We are wanting to make this concert a regular thing at the cafe as it is a good way to improve our confidence and promotes the course to students and other tutors well. here are some snipets from the concert this week: