Log: 24th May

Last month in analytics

I have left the promotion logs for a while because I wanted to see what my analytics would look like after a month instead of doing weekly run-downs. This a great way to see how your social media sites are doing in the long run after posting and promoting yourself during that time.

On Instagram (from March 25th to April 23rd), my interactions went up by 5.9%. This is a good sign that people are still interested in my content. Overall, across my 15 posts, I have 757 likes and 219 comments.

As well as my interactions being up on Instagram, I have also gained 18 followers which is a great boost in a month.

I had 206 profile visits last month and my overall reach was 314 accounts. I also had 2,621 impressions which shows that a lot of my content is reaching people’s feeds.

On my Linktree, both my clicks and views have gone up a lot since last time I did a log. I am on 99 views and my links have been clicked on 68 times. My Soundcloud link and College portfolio links are the most popular; this show that people are eager to listen to my music as I don’t have anything on Soundcloud yet but people are still going on it!

On TikTok, (from April 25th to May 22nd) my followers have gone up by 13 and my profile was clicked 70 times which is a brilliant achievement. I have also got 403 likes as of the 24th of May; my likes have gone up by 222 since the last log. This shows that more people are interacting with my content and are enjoying watching it!

This Month’s Progress

The past month, I’ve managed to get a lot done with my promotion and getting ready for the release of my songs. One of the main things I’ve done is get the single covers finished and ready to use for promotion and my actual release. Me and Paul thought of putting a light light png over the cover to give it a retro feel; this works really well with the grain effect we added to the cover before. I finally went through and changed Untitled 1 on both of the covers to the actual song names. The first single is called ‘No More (I Don’t want You), based on the lyrics of the song, and the second single is called ‘Going Down’. Here are both the images and I am really happy with the result of them; they are high quality and work really well with the mood of the tracks!

After sorting out and finalising the cover images for my singles, I needed to start promoting these straight away on every social media to get my name out there and o let people know when they are out and where they can find them, I made some designs on Canva and Photoshop that I have used to start promoting. I posted these designs on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok so everyone I know and beyond can see. Carys also promoted my singles and the showcase on the Centre Stage Instagram account. The promotions went down really well; I had a lot of interactions with all of the posts and lots of views on my Snapchat Story post which was unexpected as I don’t use this often. Lots of people shared my post on Instagram and Facebook to their own stories and pages which meant that it was being pushed out to friends of friends and new audiences. I also created a reminder on Instagram which people can click and it sends them a notification when the singles are out. I am going to keep promoting the releases until they are out. These are the designs and ideas I came up with for the promotions and releases with the help of Carys providing some templates:

Last week, week eight, I managed to get an interview with David Carpenter at a local radio station, BCB radio. I was asked by Carys in the second year if I wanted to take part and of course, I said yes! I had done interviews before with my band so I had a good idea of what it would entail and I was fairly confident going into it. I talked about me as a musician, how my first year at college has been given the circumstances of the pandemic, and also my final project and the two singles I will be releasing. I made sure to promote my social media and music sites before the end and David was really happy with the result. The interview will go live on the radio on the 24th between 5 and 6pm and my single ‘No More (I Don’t Want You) will feature as the track of the week on the station, meaning it will be played every day for the next week! I am going to make a post this on social media to let people know.

In The Future, I Plan To

-Promote the radio interview and the track of the week on BCB.

-Keep pushing promotion for the single’s release.

-Make content for when the songs are released to let people know on social media.