Presentation And Evaluation



Overall, I think the presentation went very well! I was quite confident with this as I had done a lot of preparation beforehand, such as making a detailed presentation, notes to read off and going through my presentation in full to check spelling and grammar mistakes. I delivered the presentation confidently and made sure to answer all questions the best I could. I think the presentation as a whole was delivered well but I will make sure to take any comments and suggestions for improvements from both tutors and peers on board to make my project idea and proposal more detailed and thorough.


A major strength that I, my peers and tutors saw was that the target audience was well thought out and was very comprehensive. I looked a little into target audience aspects before writing this part of the presentation to give me more of an understanding of who certain companies might target and how they can split these into different sections. I found that the three main sections were geographic (where the target audience is based, either locally or in a wider area), demographic (who they actually are and their characteristics, such as age, gender, income, job title and language) and psychographic (hobbies, things they enjoy/don’t enjoy etc). Being able to split the audience into three sections is helpful to really explore who would be interested in your content.

As well as this, I think that the promotion area was well detailed and contained a lot of strategies we could use to gain an audience before we release our music. This involves performing live (at open mics and performances within the college), posting on social media, creating a brand and contacting businesses to gain traction and get featured on websites, radio, playlists, articles and more. As well as this, we have already contacted someone to help with this side of the project. They can help with all of this and more, such as marketing, analytics and helping with preparing for Deershed. I also plan to do market research before we start promoting, (this was suggested to me during my tutor feedback) finding out about our consumer’s preferences so we can target different content more specifically to different sections of our audience.

Problem solving and health and safety were very elaborated. I mentioned different ways in which I may come across issues in these fields, and how I can fix these or change the conditions so this doesn’t happen again or maintain them so I can stay safe and on track with the project. For example, I talked about sound levels during the presentation. To maintain the sound levels, I could use earplugs when playing in live situations on loud instruments, and keep the volume levels at a reasonable area during mixing and mastering. Problems can occur anywhere and you have to be ready to solve them to carry on working. I talked about how we can fix issues when recording if we are unsure how to achieve a certain sound or need to learn a piece of new software or hardware.


One thing I could have mentioned a little more about was the songwriting part. This could have included time framing, (how long the songwriting will take and when we will be working on different parts of the songs) and generally more detail on songwriting process. I could have mentioned more about the instrumentation for the different songs and how we will change this for performances, as during live performances, we will have to change the songs to stripped-back versions that only include vocals and guitar as we won’t be able to implement all of the original song’s instrumentation with just two of us. Also, I could have touched more into software and what we will be using to help write and record our songs. We will be using Ableton for the most part however it could be easier to record everything from the live room into Logic first and transfer the audio files to Ableton on my laptop as the computer in the control room doesn’t have Ableton.

Could have had a detailed plan for the presentation, didn’t have time to make one but one will be made during the proposal. the plan so far is very general and quite vague, we need to make this plan quickly to be able to plan our project week by week, get booked into the recording studio (as we will be using this facility a lot) and make sure our work is handed in on time.

Could have used more forms of media, such as videos of inspiration, what I did for my final project last year and what I can learn from this and what skills I am developing this year as opposed to last years final project, which in some ways is quite similar.


-Create a detailed plan for my project proposal.

-Look into songwriting more, for example software, instrumentation, the process etc.

-Look back at my final project from last year and see what I can improve on from that.