Case Study

In this video, a major power cut occurred during a concert. This is a major problem for everyone here as this meant that the artists on stage couldn’t see, which could have caused injuries like falling over things on stage or tripping over wires.

This power outage would have been problematic for the audience also as they cannot see either (until the backup generators kick in and some lights come back on) which means they could be falling each other and crushing people if they are not careful, especially in a packed standing area like that. Fans would also be very annoyed that the show has stopped and worried about what is going on, which might make fans frantic or wanting to find a way out quickly which could cause crushes in the crowd if they are not careful.

In terms of electricity problems, this power cut is a safety hazard in itself as it could imply that something might have short-circuited. This could cause a major fire and if the crew don’t notice this fire, that could be fatal. It could also be that the weather outside the arena is dangerous.

Even though this major power cut occurred, the crew did well in evacuating the audience quickly and getting the backup generator on as soon as they could. The band also stopped playing which is a brilliant idea when a power cut occurs as they need to evacuate as well, especially if they are around all the electricals like speaker systems that could be tied to this power outage.

To stop this accident from happening, the crew need to make sure that all the electrical equipment they are using is safe. They need to do risk assessments on these electricals to ensure action is taken on these hazards if they are a problem. The crew could also make sure that the extension cables don’t have plugs in every socket as this can overload the cable and cause power cuts or even fires. One final thing they could do is make sure that electrical equipment that isn’t being used in the performance is turned off by the socket to make sure no extra energy is spent on idle appliances.