Week One (Introduction To Logic)

For this lesson, we were introduced to the software we would be using for the rest of this project. In this case, it was Logic Pro X. I quickly picked this software up as I had used other things like FL Studio and Reaper at home previously. We were given instructions on how to navigate the software which was very helpful, as this made the actual producing part much more fluent. I decided to challenge myself for this introduction by using a 7/8 time signature. This would test my timing skills and knowledge of music theory but I think I managed to pull this off very well! Here is the idea I created:


I first started with the drums, splitting up the hi-hat ad drums into the tracks so it is easier to work with, especially when your hi-hats are very busy. After quantizing the hi-hats and adding some simple triplet rolls, i added the drums and bass which are fairly simple. I then added that very low bassline which you hear a lot in trap music. I put some effects on it so that my sound is unique and sounds exactly how I want it. After this, I started to work on the main riff you hear in the middle of the song. This was fairly simple as it was only an introduction and I didn’t have much time to make something more challenging; it is simply the bass part but brought up a few octaves. I added more effects to the synth to make it sound more siren-like and I was very happy wit the result of this.

After coming up with the main parts, I began to structure the song instead of having all the tracks on a constant loop. I started with just the hi-hats and then added the bass as I thought this sounded the most fluent. The drums come in at quite a strange time; on the second bar after the bass comes in which sounds quite odd but really, it was actually fairly simple. Then after layering everything up, I drop everything out except for the lead riff so that when the beat comes back in, it comes in almost with a bang. I also added some other effects like beat drop effects and risers to make the song flow better and so it is more interesting to listen to.

Overall , I am quite happy with the first piece I did on logic, especially as I challenged myself to do a strange time signature. If I had more time, I could make more interesting riffs that use harmony with each other and even the bass. If I decide to go down the trap route with my actual composition, I am definitely going to consider adding harmony to the main melody to make it more unique and interesting.