Self Assessment

Context- Good

I presented my context work well by writing up about music in context in lots of detail and also using PowerPoint presentations to make the writing more engaging. I finished all the essential context work, however, I think doing the non-compulsory tasks would have helped me get to excellent, but I didn’t have time to do them.

Research- Good

As well as completing essential tasks, I also went out of the way to research different things and write them up on my portfolio. I understood the research I was doing and think I went into ample detail about the things I studied, for example, the temp scores and library music work. Like the context, doing the extra work would have got me a higher grade if I had time.

Practical Skills- Excellent

I really enjoyed this project’s practical work and I believe this shone through in my work. To say I had never used any of these software’s before, I created two completely original and professional sounding tracks, using different instruments that I had never written for before, and both of the compositions incorporate the elements of music well.

Evaluation And Reflection- Excellent

I did evaluations every single week in this project, making sure I comment on my strengths and what I achieved that week as well as things I could have done better or that I need to do next time. This shows that I can be critical of my own work, but also be confident that the work I am doing is high quality and can always be improved.

Overall Grade- Good

I think this reflects my work this project well as the effort I have shown this project through all of these criteria. I have given lots of detail during my many write-ups and have completed optional tasks in my spare time. My practical work, I think, was great and I picked up how to use these software’s and its shortcuts very quickly. As well as this, I have improved skills like reading notation, music theory and even my vocabulary.

I confirm that the attached assessment is all my own work and does not include any work completed by anyone other than myself and sources have been appropriately referenced.