Promotion And Marketing Logs

6th April

Made an Instagram account that we can edit and make unique soon. We did this to ensure the username we wanted does not get taken before we can get it. We decided to go with an interesting marketing strategy, instead of just posting whatever we want. We chose to keep a running theme and aesthetic throughout the page, giving our brand a specific colour scheme and look that is pleasing to a new viewer. This colour scheme uses dark, neutral shades and grainy images to represent film cameras and old tapes, an aesthetic that is very popular currently and has ties with the grunge scene. In terms of content, we didn’t want it to be generic, we wanted to maintain hidden identities and keep the captions and photos cryptic with not much information on who we are, creating an enigma that is enticing for people that come across us. A great idea to stay cryptic but still enticing is to post lyrics along with the images to have people question what the captions mean, but it will all come to light once the songs are released and people can hear the lyrics in full.

12th April

Today, we added the logo as our profile picture, a bio and made our first post to fully initiate the marketing strategy we plan to do before we release the EP. This first post is cryptic and it worked very well. We received over 30 likes on the post and gained followers, instantly showing that people are taking an interest in our project.

5th May

After finding time to create more promotional material today, I was also able to finally make our second post on Instagram. I posed one of my favourite photos I made at a prime time to post; between 8 pm and 10 pm as most users are active at this time. Since the last time we posted, we have gained 9 followers and have begun to follow other people that are relevant to us and the music we make. This helps to push out our account to people that also follow the accounts we follow.

25th May

Because we have spent the past two weeks rehearsing for the final showcase, we haven’t done much promotion as we decided it wouldn’t be suitable to release the songs onto streaming platforms yet. We would rather upload them to SoundCloud for this project and release them at a later date when we have more time to promote and set up distribution rather than rushing it and our release performing poorly. We could do this before Deershed to perhaps gain a few fans before we perform there. Therefore, for now, we have postponed our promotion and will carry it on at a later date when we have more time to focus on this.