Week Seven Evaluation (10th May-16th May)

Progressions And Strengths

Added sub-bass. Chopped it up and put different parts where I wanted them, and moved regions to make sure they are all in time.

Made a lot of use of sends. Started mixing independently as I have a lot more knowledge after mixing the other single. Send has high-pass filter to remove the low end off ever track I sent it through. This ensures that the song does not sound too muddy and nothing is bleeding out of the lower frequencies so the kick drum and bass channels can drive through. Also made a reverb send for the flute, and I will add more instruments through it if I need to next week.

Looked at some automation for flute parts eg delay feedback and dry/wet, and track volume


started work on compression but I need some assistance with it.Compression. Added some glue compression to the sub-bass and put some compression on the flutes, but I am not sure if the settings are the best.

Use different EQ types on different instruments, adding to the high-pass one. For example, I could EQ the top end off the bass instruments

Start work on mixing all of the flute parts together as a group.

Targets For Next Week

-Start work on mixing all of the flute parts together as a group.

-Get some feedback on the mix to see what I could improve.