Log: 8th April

The Past Week In Analytics

On Instagram (the most recent analytics data is from the 25th to the 31st of March), my interactions went down by 63%, however, this was expected. I haven’t been posting as much and the hype of me having a new account has passed. It may seem like a negative but it shows me that people are still interested in my work even when I am not posting as often. Overall, across my 10 posts, I have 482 likes and 138 comments.

Even though my interactions have been down on Instagram, I was still gaining followers. I surpassed 100 followers a couple of weeks ago and am now on 121. Hitting 100 followers was great for me as now I can learn more about my audience.

I had 42 Instagram profile visits during that week and my overall reach was 175 accounts. My impressions is at 475 which shows me still that my content is getting pushed onto people’s feeds a lot.

My linktree clicks have also slowed down recently, probably because I haven’t been promoting it as much and a lot of people who follow me have already clicked on it and gone through a lot of the links already. Overall, I have 68 link views and 46 clicks on my links; my college portfolio and TikTok account both being the most popular with 11 clicks each.

My TikTok account (the most recent analytics data is from the 1st to the 7th of April) has been growing rapidly during the Easter break as I have been taking the time to come up with funny and interesting videos to post there. I’m on 36 followers overall. My profile was clicked 29 times last week.

I now have 181 likes across all of my TikTok posts and my two most recent videos have done really well compared to my others; my recent is on 36 likes and the second most recent is on 23. These have also been viewed the most out of all my posts, and my views overall stands at 442 (up by 119 compared to the week before).

This Week’s Progress

I have made a lot of progress on the single covers since the last log. I asked Paul for the Photoshop documents so I can work on them at some over Easter and I created some really nice ideas! This is still just a draft and I want Paul to help me make them more professional looking once I get back into college because I had to reduce the quality of them quite a bit when working on them. I added some more texture in the form of grain and crumpled paper and then added some effects like drop shadow and outer glow on the text to make them stand out a bit more and to give the cover a layered look. I then added a paint splatter effect to my name but I’m not sure if I should keep this or not yet. I also made both covers the same font as I like the idea of them being exactly the same but just using different colours. I still don’t have names for the tracks so they are still called untitled, but when I get some lyrics, I can start thinking about some name ideas. Here are the two covers in the two colours:

After becoming a creator on my TokTok account, I found that you can see audience analytics for single videos however not as a whole. This, however, is still great for me as I can see how well my videos are performing, where viewers are finding my videos and where my viewers are based location wise. For example on my recent video’s audience analytics, it shows my video to be performing well; it has been watched for over 27 minutes in total and its average watch time is 11.6 seconds out of 13.2 seconds, which means most viewers are watching right until the end. It also says where my views are being sourced from and on my recent video, 80% of viewers saw it from their For You Page (your personalised TikTok feed) and 15% from looking at my personal profile. It also says that out of 110 unique viewers, 94% of the video’s audience is from the UK and 6% is from other places like the US and the Netherlands. This is good as it means I am attracting the right audience to my page.

Since my last log, I have been brainstorming lots of different ideas for content on both my Instagram and TikTok accounts. I didn’t want to just post videos of my music from time to time as my audience would get bored; they want to see more creative and interesting content. I have done the ‘my life as a musician’ idea which can be seen here: https://www.tiktok.com/@abi.swift.music/video/6948124678611389702?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1. I have also posted covers on my socials (I covered The Adults Are Talking by The Strokes as it is popular on TikTok at the moment). The ‘making a song with followers idea’ is my favourite but it takes the most time as I am creating a song and having to promote it at the same time. I posted part one (TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@abi.swift.music/video/6944769486230785285?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1 Instagram reel: https://www.instagram.com/p/CM-SiPaF7qE/) and it went down really well! I had lots of genre ideas given to me and I picked four of my favourites; I then let my followers vote for their favourite on my Instagram story. Indie came out on top. I had made part two ready to post yesterday but my phone broke before I could post it. This will become a problem in the next week as I am using an old phone with a poor microphone and camera quality so I won’t be able to make any original content until my phone is fixed. So, I expect my interactions on all of my socials to go down a lot but this cannot be helped. However, as soon as I have my new phone back, I will start posting more content again, using these ideas to help me get back to it:

In The Future, I Plan To:

-Carry on working on my cover art with Paul once we are back in college.

-Keep creating content for both Instagram and TikTok to keep viewers active on my pages. (once my phone is fixed)!

-Start to think about contacting local radio stations and papers about potential interviews about my music.