Artwork And Branding Logs

10th March

Today, I started to work on the prints I made last week using the metal type printing press in college. I scanned the images in and saved them as high-resolution PNG’s so they would not lack in quality.

I then ran the three different prints through photoshop to begin editing them. I liked the first one in the images above as it had a lot of markings and grain still left on the paper. I used levels to make the grey turn darker and give it a noticeable contrast and then ran it through the threshold effect to alter the blackness/whiteness of the logo and make the grain sharper. The image below was the outcome; it might not be the final logo design but it’s getting there!

A tutor helped to create some merchandise examples with his interpretation of the logo just as an experiment and to see the logo’s effectiveness. I really like the idea of inverting the logo to make it white with black grain; this is something I will look at when making the final logo. Here are some of the examples we created:

18th March

This week, I carried working on the initial logo idea as we both liked the idea. So, I cleaned up the white border and experimented with things like drop shadow and inner glow, and inverting the image to make the logo white. I started to look at branding and background colour schemes we could be interested in too.

Plain logo
Logo in white
Logo with background colour and shadow

After researching some experimental artwork designs for fonts, I stumbled across a video on TikTok where they photocopy words and blur/warp them by dragging them along the photocopier as the machine is scanning them. I tried it for myself and came out with some really interesting results that I plan to experiment with on photoshop next week after I have scanned them in as high-resolution PNGs. These could look really interesting when combined and put with a background image, perhaps for an album cover.

12th April

Made a design for our first Instagram post, taking the initial design I had made in the pre-production stage and replacing the old logo idea with the official logo. This will be ready to post today.

5th May

Today, I have spent a while making progress with the promotion because we definitely haven’t been making enough content for our Instagram page. I finally got the chance to scan in the warped images of the logo so I could work on them. Since getting a new laptop, I had to find an alternative to photoshop that still worked well and did what I needed. I found a website called Photopea which worked perfectly and acts just like photoshop. This is what I used to create these images below. As you can see I have kept the same colour scheme and aesthetic throughout.