Week Seven (9th May-15th May)


Notes: Finished the first mix of Promises. Plan to do final mix and master the week after showcase as well as mix and master other track (foilsick).


Notes: Rehearsed our originals in acoustic form for the showcase next week. First time trying them acoustic so we have some issues to work out but it generally sounds secure and well performed.


Notes: Rehearsed all songs in the setlist (you can find the videos of these here: https://digitalspace.bradfordcollege.ac.uk/10626680/preparation-for-showcase/) went very well, feeling prepared for the mock next week. A couple of things need improving, but this can be ironed out in the next rehearsals and mock performance.



-Perform our whole set in the mock rehearsal successfully.

-Perform in the final showcase.

-Upload the mock performance and final showcase video.