Project Four Evaluation

Project four has been very insightful for me; I have found a lot of things from the personality test and skills audit about myself that I never would have realised or thought about for. These things have really helped me understand myself more, and how I can apply these things about myself to the course and music in general.

In the personality type test, I learnt a lot of things about myself. For example, it said that I am insightful, and I had never really thought about that before it told me that I was, and I agreed with it. Insightful is the idea of thinking about the deeper meanings of things and being able to understand other people well. The test also told me that another of my strengths is that I am principled and I disagreed with this. Perhaps this is a trait I should try to explore and understand further to see if it relates to me more. Overall, I think the personality test was great to see my strengths and what traits I can apply to my music, such as creativity and altruism.

As well as finding out more about myself through the personality tests and skills audit, I also enjoyed coming up with ideas for the final project. I think this has helped hugely with how well my final project will turn out, as I prefer being methodical and planning things out in a very detailed way before starting on a big project like this ( even though my personality test said that I preferred to have bigger visions and not break ideas into smaller parts)! Thinking about what I want to do before going into the project has allowed me to prepare, as now I can think about what software I want to use, what equipment I will need and how I will get it etc.

The personality test was also helpful as it has given me weaknesses that I could work on through this final project or in the course in general to help with my music. Being prone to burnout was a weakness I got on the test, and I disagreed with this first, but after reading it I realised that it is actually me and I should try things to counter this weakness. For example, I need to make sure I take rests often so I don’t end up being in that burnout state, and I need to try my best to stay motivated with work, but not overwork as this can lead to not enjoying your work or again, having a burnout.

Another big weakness trait for me was the perfectionist trait. I absolutely agree with this but I also see this in a more positive light as well as negative, as this means most things I do will be to a good standard. However, I also need to realise that nothing will be perfect, and I shouldn’t dwell on things to add to my work after it’s been submitted. Being a perfectionist also means I often struggle with time-keeping, as I focus on one thing so much that I will never get around to finishing something else in time, and this became apparent as I got nearer to the end of project three n particular.